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ISO rust free truck...


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im going to try and keep my SS and do a long, over budget resto to it for the next 3 years.  rust has taken its hold.  in the mean time I need a work truck.  im looking for (and having little luck finding):


rust free/very little surface rusty GM full size pickup that will make it back to Illinois without any issues.  

7000 max. firms.   flights are cheap, ill fly anywhere within a 12 hr drive of Chicago.

prefer anything but standard cab.  

prefer 2wd.

prefer anything with a 4l80.

other than that, im pretty flexible.  I found an ideal 2500 in Georgia but the dealer is kinda being a choad.

dings and dents ok.  don't care about color.  id love to not have a black or red truck for awhile.  id love a 4dr with leather, but my budget is limiting, I understand.


am I pissing in the wind here?

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They are EVERYWHERE in Texas.. check craigslist and come on down.  Just know that while you can surely find a good one, there's also lots of hacked-up junk too so buyer beware.  Plus be sure check the VIN with the cops as lots of stolens being re-sold.  If the title or VIN seem funny at all just walk (or run)


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