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Just finishing up the mechanical and tuning on the LSA install. 

6.0 LQ9 with CnC’d LSA heads

FIC 850cc Injectors (updated* 1000cc)

2 Bar MAP (updated* 3 bar)

Comp Cam 54-454-11

LSA Supercharger 7.8 lower/ 2.35 upper (updated* 9.2 lower / 2.35 upper)

103mm Nick Williams TB

5 inch JLT CAI

LS3 Blade MAF (updated* speed density)

1 7/8 headers 3 inch exhaust

3500 Circle D stall 4L80e All Wheel Drive

engine resize.jpg

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Well I hit 10.7 lbs of boost and just wasn't enough, lol. I changed the pulley setup and I am just over 16.5 lbs of boost now and the truck moves! I hope to have some numbers in the next couple of days. In the spring I do plan on dropping the LS2 stroker in, upping the cubes!



ls2 re1.jpg

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