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Engine has a slight bogging between 2000RPM-2500?

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Whats up everyone. My issue is when im  coming off of a light or start driving down the road normally, when i get to 2nd or 3rd gear between 2000RPM and 2500RPM i feel a slight bogging or slugish feeling. I can have the truck in park and rev it and play with it between 2000 and 2500 and it does nothing. I have changed the spark plugs/ac delco double platinum 50gap and new wires. No codes, i have cleaned the mas air flow sensor before. Need some help please  bugging the heck out of me lol.  

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Maybe the torque convertor lock and unlocking not happening. My truck would do that around 2k rpm going like 45mph, Vmax with the 4L70E. It eventually threw a transmission slipping code. I put a transgo shift kit in and that helped a lot. 

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