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SS Operational Lifespan


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I was fortunate to buy my 2006 SS brand new.  14 years later, the body and interior are still 95%+ and I have had zero mechanical issues.  I just turned 102,000 actual miles and did all the 100K mile services except the rear differential fluid which I plan on doing soon. I have done very little towing or carrying heavy loads and my maintenance schedules have been sound.

On my list to do besides the rear end fluid are:

- repair an apple sized clear coat spot or just repaint the entire door since it is a rear small one.

- Replace or repaint the wiper arms

- Replace the rear window rubber weather stripping.

- Replace the windshield and the weather strip.

Other than that, I intend to keep my SS until I die and my son says he wants to keep it then.  I am 72 so this is sbout another 10 years + or -. 

I wanted to post this to ask about thise members with high mileage and older model SS trucks to see what the mormal or extreme life span of these special vehicles is.

Would like to hear any special experiences at 150K, 200K and beyond if any



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Nothing unusual about them service-life-wise vs. a regular Silverado, if you ask me.  At 100K yours is probably due for front hub bearings and possibly some front end parts.  It sounds like you've kept up with maintenance so it wouldn't be from lack of greasing but typically things like the ball joint boots tend to eventually go bad so the joint gets contaminated and goes bad.  I've done hub bearings on both our 06's in the last few months as they've recently both passed 100K.

I did the intermediate steering shaft / column bearing combo on my truck around 80K-something and the other truck has needed it for a while but it apparently the clunking doesn't bother my wife.

Replaced all the stepper motors and bulbs in the dash cluster as the fuel gauge stepper crapped out when I replaced the battery.  Figured while I had it open, just tend to all of it.

Oil cooler lines replaced somewhere around 100K on my truck, not a fun job, not super complicated just a pain to wrangle.  Her truck's lines seeping a little bit but not bad yet.


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When I met my now wife, she had a 03 ss that had 256k on it.  She was not the original owner and did not know how many he owned before her. We’re from Minnesota so it was a little rusty but the thing ran like new. Never left her stranded, she took it on over night work trips to different states and really enjoyed the truck. She sold it in the mid 260’s to get a vehicle that got better economy.  The truck had for sure been cared for and maintained.  
Earlier this summer I sold my 03 I picked up after always wanting one and being teased by driving hers. This one has just over 100k, despite its near mint appearance,  It proved have had a rough life, I did not have the check book to get it back to totally reliability so I sold it. 
it sounds to me like yours could go on to live a life like the truck my wife had. These trucks go and go and go when maintained correctly

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Thanks, those are both interesting and valuable stories.  I will be taking my truck in soon to replace a rear bearing where there is just a very light leak noticeable and I will definitely have them check out the front end parts closely.

If my truck can make it to 250K, it will outlive me ?

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