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Papaw's Truck/Intro post


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Hey everybody, 

Im new to the forum because I'm new to the chevy half ton game. My grandpa is the most important person to me on this whole planet and he bought this truck new in 2003 and has kept it in immaculate shape. The truck has 33,xxx miles on it (not a typo) and I probably put half of those on driving him around. He had a stroke back in march and has been in failing health ever since. In an effort to keep his spirits up, I took the truck to get a new clear coat(hood,roof,topper) as well as a detail and the shop did a great job. The outside looks brand new and he couldn't be happier. He had hotrod cars his whole life and was all the time tweaking on engines and souping up everything he had, so that's what I'm planning to do to his truck. Tasteful updates/upgrades along with some of my own style.I have no clue how long I will be fortunate enough to have him in my life and I guess my journey with this truck will be a continuation of the lessons he raised me with. I've tried to attach the photo but apparently the file is too big. Any help with that would be appreciated


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It's a problem on a lot of forums - use an external picture sharing site and then you can paste the "IMG" code into your message that the pic site gives you.  IMGUR, etc. I wouldn't recommend photobucket after they shafted everyone trying to charge after years of free service.


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These trucks look pretty great just as they are. One add on that I have really liked is the under seat storage compartment that goes under the rear seat.


If you want to do some hot rodding... that is one area that is a lot of fun.  I put a supercharger on my 03 SS and it really changed the character of the truck. Lots of power off the line.  The down side is shortened transmission life ;D



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