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2003 Black Silverado SS Procharger Supercharged $18k


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After much thought I am looking to sell my 2003 Chevy Silverado SS.  This was bought new from my local Whiteman Chevrolet dealer new back in 2003 and serviced there ever since.  I have since supercharged my truck with a P-1SC procharger with air to air intercooler along with some driveline improvements.  I had PCM for Less tune my truck out of Reading, Pennsylvania years ago and the truck hasn’t changed or needed any updates in years since it has run flawlessly.  I am attaching the dyno tune from before the last pulley change to the Riechard Racing pulley to limit the belt slip.  Best ¼ mile out of the truck at Lebenon Valley was 12.85 @ 105MPH.

The truck has run solid with about 50,000 miles with the supercharger installed.  Current mileage is just under 95,000.  I replace the oil in the charger every other oil change as the manufacturer has recommended.  I rebuilt the transmission last year with a hardened output shaft, superior servo's, shift kit, trailblazer torque converter, upgraded clutches, shells and hardware from "Zippy" on this site.  Truck has new tires with less than 1,000 miles on them.  I have replaced the fuel lines and brake lines two years ago to include the emergency brake cables all the way back to the floor pedal.  The brakes rotors and pads were also replaced last year.  I have also gutted the catalytic converters, and tuned them out so that it passes NY State inspections.  It has been this way for over 10 years with no issues on annual inspections.  I also have B&B full stainless dual exhaust on the truck and it sounds great.

The truck runs solid as hell, doesn't pull upon braking, cruises with no issues, and has been a very reliable truck with a solid tune.  All gages work, no engine lights or codes, all interior options work as expected with heated seats, HVAC and CD, AM/FM Tape deck, and all electronics.  I have also installed period correct fog lights in the air ducts and it looks like a factory option.  The fog lights use the period correct for light switch for on/off.  I have installed the diode for keeping the low beams on when the high beams are turned on.

Other truck options are a lockable storage box under the rear seat, plastic bedliner, rolling X-Tang Tonneau Cover, brake controller for towing a trailer with electric brakes, and I also installed a switch to run the electric fans for when I was tuning the truck at the track and wanted to cool it off between runs.  The switch for the electric fans is a factory option for a PTO engagement under the SS badge in the center console.  I installed fuel pressure and intake pressure gages in the center console to keep track of the charger and fuel during boost.  They are white faced, and lit at night time to look appropriate with the factory white cluster.

The truck is lowered with McGaughy's front spindles for a 2" drop in the front, and the hangers and shackles for about a 4" drop in the rear.  I installed the ride leveling springs in the rear to help give the rear a little boost, but I think they are a little moot once you lower the truck.

The right rear quarter panel is showing some rust and other than replacing the bed, I have just touched it up as it flakes.  The rest of the truck shows typical underbody rust for a truck that is 18 years old, but passes inspection and structurally has been fine.  Luckily these trucks have the lower plastic body panels so it hides some of the cancer that most likely exists under there.  The truck has been garaged for 16 years out of its 18 years with me.  The only reason it was out for two years was I was renting and didn't own a home yet.

If anyone is serious, PM me I will give my cell and I can provide a ride along on facetime, or a walk around for any questions you have.  I am located in upstate NY FYI.




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