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Just got my own Silverado SS!! Looking for advice!!


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Have been looking for a while and managed to find my very own 2003 Silverado SS AWD with the 6.0 (LQ9 I beleive). Looking for some advice/ideas/opinions on what exactly is out there and what is possible. I am mechanically inclined, never done deep engine work but swapping parts out, intake manifolds, even and engine swap. As far as performance and what can and is smart to do, i am clueless.


Looking at what my options are, planning on stripping entire truck and damn near rebuilding it all. I've always loved these trucks and this one fell into my lap. Only has 140,000 miles on it, which i find amazing for a 18 y.o. truck. Has wear issues (bushings/tie rods/shocks/trans cooler lines (what on a chevy pickup??? No way!!! LOL) etc) but biggest issue is rust. I found out it spent a lot of it's life around the east coast. First problem i had was a fuel leak as the pipe had cracked from rust when trying to change fuel filter, that was a project. So basically want to pull the cab and bed and see how bad everything really is. 

Considering rebuilding motor also / hoping to future proof for later power add ons etc?!? Open to all options and suggestions. Also curios if any ones what the engine and driveline can handle for power stock (curious with AWD and all). Appreictae the help and time anyone is willing to devote to this.


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