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Best Way to Seal Aftermarket Tail Lights


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So I replaced my old aftermarket tail lights with a new set of ANZO LED lights


The old lights were great but after years of moisture getting in around the edges, the carbon fiber pattern had peeled and faded on one light and it was time to change.  The new lights are great and I replaced the OEM backup lamp with a high intensity LED projector lamp so now you need sunglasses if you are standing behind the truck when I put it in reverse.

Anyway, first time I wash the truck with the new lights, water starts beading up under the rim of the lights.  I searched for "how to seal "Silverado tail lights" but all I got was referenes for using clear silicone to put a bead all around the inside rim of the light.

I wanted to ask how others have done it and specifically if anyone has found soft rubber weather strip or seal that will fit around the rim of the light fixture so it can provide a tight seal against the body cavity.

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