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Clutch fan aggravating


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Hey guys I have recently had to replace my clutch fan and I've been through two different ones. First one sounded like a bulldozer (never unlocked) and the second one is almost as bad as the first.  At the parts store there is no specific "silverado ss" on the data base.  Is there a different fan clutch for the ss? This is very annoying.   2003 silverado ss. Thanks 

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I had mine go bad around 10 years ago.  I had just had the AC compressor replaced at the dealer.  And the fan clutch apparently failed and  took out the AC compressor by not working correctly.  Somehow the engine stayed cool enough not to seem to be a problem.  But the dealer fixed the compressor under warranty and for some extra, replaced the clutch.  I assume it is as close to the original GM part as possible.  So far it is still working good.  You might look at what the local Chevy dealer sells over the counter.  Sometimes it pays to pay for the GM part, sometimes you just pay too much for things :D 

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For a 2003 6.0 there appear to be two different GM fan clutches offered; one is for a non-A/C truck (15911779), other is for A/C-equipped (20913877)

What brand and part # fan clutches did you try already?  If they're other-than-GM they might be an even more universal application and less likely to behave same as original.  In the aftermarket lists I sure see a lot of "SEVERE DUTY" listings which makes me think it's gonna sound like a city bus. :D


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