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New 2004 Silverado SS Owner


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Hey All!

I just picked up an 04 SS with 110k miles this past weekend. Victory Red. I've always wanted one since i was little and had the opportunity to get one finally. Paid $9k which I didn't think was bad considering the market, the mileage and the condition. Really clean inside and out considering it's from New York. Rear wheel arches will need to be fixed, but rockers, cab corners and frame are clean (just slight surface rust on frame). Original owner had it from new until this past summer when the 21yo I bought it off of, bought it. Need to change out headlights and tail lights due to typical delamination and water intrusion, do an oil change along with diffs and TC. Records provided showed trans fluid and filter change at like 60k and then 88k miles so that's good. I also need to get my exhaust repaired, not entirely sure what someone did to it lol, not looking for crazy loud, will probably keep the stock exhaust. How do you load pics up here? I can't seem to upload any because they are too big.

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Welcome! I'm new here as well and got a vic red 2005 just a few weeks ago. Bought mine from my brother-in-law who was the original owner. 168k on the clock C 

He put on a cold air intake, headers, and exhaust with electronic cutouts. Cutout valves were broken so I had to get blocking plates cause it was stupid loud.

So far I've changed out the shocks, installed 2" drop shackles, installed a new stereo and backup camera, replaced all lights with LED's, and polished the headlights. Next on the list are brake job, front-end rebuild, and oil pan gasket


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