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Just bought a 2006 SSS, bring on the high gas prices!


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Managed to put my hands on a very well maintained truck, 250K Kms (155k burgers) undercoated yearly but never driven in winter & always slept in a garage... pretty much a needle in a haystack in Canuckland.


New shocks, balljoints, brakes, exhaust, alternator,  hoses & belt. Runs & drives great except for some play in the pitman & idler arms so that'll be my first job on it.


There's a cd changer, amp & sub I want to take out, something is wrong with the wiring and the radio won't switch to Aux with the cd changer turned on nor does the sub work.


Hopefully doing that will solve the electrical issue.


When I turn the engine off & open the door, the dashlights and radio stay on. The battery light in the dash lights up for a few seconds as well. Also, it intermittently turns on when I start the engine, if i turn the engine off & on again it goes away.


The fun of buying a used truck!


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Thanks for the welcome guys!


Realized the stepper motors in the instrument panel are all off big time, I'll be sending that in for repair. Found a guy not too far that will do it with an LED backlighting upgrade & a new lense for 300$. One year warranty on parts & labor.

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I did my own, it's not difficult, but decent soldering skills and equipment definitely recommended.  My gauges were fine except fuel gauge stepper went nuts after I replaced a dead battery.  Had a few bulbs out, too, so they all got done.  Tanin Electronix has a kit with all the steppers and bulbs for a good price.


I went kinda nuts after that and tore everything apart to replace bad bulbs including the A/C controls and the steering wheel switches.



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Well I might just go nuts like yourself, it's winter so I don't intend to drive it too often, I can have it in pieces for a while. 


Also my cluster issues might just be a symptom of something else, the electrical issues i mentioned in OP have upgraded to total battery drain in less than 8 hours. I hope it all has to do with failing alternator diodes, I'll get the multimeter out later today.

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