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22" Silverado SS Rims


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I am in the process of looking for new rims for my 03' SS(the truck is stock height).  It currently has 20's on there now, but the chrome is starting to flake off.  I want to upgrade to 22's and get new rims.  What are durable rims finishes?  I live in SE PA so there is road salt to deal with in the winter.  I don't want to get chrome rims again, not a fan.  I have been looking around, but some rims have different offsets.  What is a good offset to stick with?  I want to be as close to factory as possible.  Thank you.

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I currently have 22s silver SS reps.. I went with those cuz they’re easier to keep clean and IMO there’s only 3 styles that fit out trucks: SS, TBSS or custom billet wheels. I’ve also had 2 sets of billet wheels and they look the nicest but they’re a pain to keep clean since you gotta polish those alot. I’ve had black wheels on another truck and they’re dirty all the time even after washing them they get smeared up.

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