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Hi all, new here, long time owner/visitor first time registrant.. need guidance!


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Long story short-- I've had my '05 since '05. It's been stolen twice and has 10k thief-driven miles under it's 190k belt.

When I got it back this most recent time, insurance didn't give me enough to cover what it would take to fix.  I took the opportunity to fix it up, put some money into it, get the paint restored and most everything topped up.

My oil pump quit working once everything was done.  It just got diagnosed with needing a new engine.  


I would like to engine swap in something very nice from chevy w/ a new transmission etc to handle it, since they quoted me $9k for the straight replacement.  I'm already pot committed at this point to this truck of mine since the recent investment in it was planned to last another 15 years at least. 


What would you all recommend?  Any thoughts?  I have barely scraped the surface of the research; was planning on adding a supercharger and a 4l80e but now with the engine swap here we are.  


Please help!  Thank you! 





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Wow; that sucks.. are you 100% sure the engine is bad, though?  I'd try to get some local recommendations on a trusted shop to give you another opinion.

There's an O-ring on the pump that can fail and cause low oil pressure.  There's also of course a failed oil pressure sending unit that will freak you out with a low oil pressure reading/warning tones, but it's a false reading - if the engine isn't ticking, clattering, etc. then you know it's just a  bad sender.

$9K for a stock LQ9 replacement?  That sounds like dealership cost on a GM crate long block plus other parts, materials, and labor.  I can't recommend any of the aftermarket suppliers as I haven't bought any engines from them, but you can get an LQ9-based engine with more horsepower for less than $9K.  Keep in mind there will be other requirements like custom tuning.

I'd spend some of my budget on a Ravelco antitheft system..


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Thank you for the response!

They say there are metal shavings in the oil-- I don't 100% trust them of course but part of me worries that the engine has been abused when it wasn't in my possession.  I like to believe the engine can be saved but metal shavings scare me.

The 9k would cover the engine replacement and a new radiator.  I asked them about doing a crate motor swap and they came back with $35k and i think they're out of their minds at that level, going to have to do it myself but never done an engine/tranny swap before.  I'll do some crate engine shopping w/ chevy and see if any pop out at me.

Will have to check on the custom tuning cost with everything too.  Sigh.

I put a compustar in there and another magnetic tracker so it's got two gps systems now- i haven't turned the onstar back on, just got the microphone working again a few weeks back.  I'll look at Ravelco though too.  Appreciate it!



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