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Rusty 04-06 silverado ss awd

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My buddy has a 04-06 silverado ss awd. I love the truck but it's rusting pretty bad on the front and rear fenders above the wheel wells and on the rockers. I want to help him get his truck looking A1 again. Just wondering if I can just go to a junkyard and pull fenders off any silverado from the same body style or are there differences? If not any recommendations on sites for body panels? Not trying to break the bank but want to help him out. Figured you guys would help me figure out a direction to go.

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Fenders are the same but inspect them really well if you’re going to grab them from the junkyard. Beds are also the same just has to be 6.5ft. Just don’t throw anything away from the old stuff to see where you have to install rivets for the cladding. Your tough part is going to be someone willing to do the rockers. I sold my old ss because no shop around me wanted to do it

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