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Just picked up a 2003 SS in pretty cruddy shape.  Body is pretty beat, engine is MIA, etc...BUT it has the transmission, Tcase, axles, etc all intact and working well. 
I restore International Scouts and pickups for a living, and I have a 1974 IH stepside shortbed pickup.  You can likely see where this is headed...but I am fixin' to whack a hunk of the SS frame out to shorten up the wheelbase, and slap it up underneath the IH body, drop it til it'll collect lost coins off the asphalt, toss an LS of some sort in there (likely just a warmed up 5.3, but we'll see), and build us a killer shop runabout truck. 
I literally just started digging into what makes the suspension and whatnot on an SS different from a "normal" Silverado 4x4, so I will certainly have a list of questions for knowledgeable folks soon.

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Welcome, sounds like a cool project - and I'm sure you'll be able to recoup a lot of your investment selling off the SS-specific parts as all that stuff is in demand.  Even if the body kit is beat up and brackets rusty, etc. don't trash any of it before seeing if someone can use it.

I'm no expert by any means but the difference between the SS and a regular Silverado 4WD is not much, in terms of chassis.  Obviously the transfer case is AWD instead and the ride height is a bit lower, but it's otherwise a Silvy 4WD with the torsion bar front end setup.

Throw up some pics.. let's see what you're working with!


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