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Looking to get together some of the local guys and shoot some video... maybe hit Hooters for some beer, buffalo wings, and something else that starts w/ "B" :D


I know theres a couple of you that I can already count in, but who else is up for it? Should be good time! :cheers:

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I could make it down there im only about 15 min from hooters.I think we should go down to the speedway when its open for the public.


I would, but the speedway is a joke if you want to actually go and have a good time. 99% of what shows up is rice and no one seems to have a clue whats going on. Last time there I witnessed accidents just pulling in the gates and a couple fender benders w/ rice boys cutting in front of people and jamming on their brakes.


I give up on going there... they need to start charging more at the gate or something to filter some of the retards that show up.



Anyways... I was thinking we could all meet up somewhere... get some food and beers... cruise for a while and maybe shoot some video. Its gonna be a bitchen day (supposedly) sunny and mid 70's... gotta love that California winter! :cool:

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If it's this weekend that you're talking about, then don't forget about the Toys for Tots event that was posted earlier. 




I hadn't forgotten it, but Woodland Hills is a bit of a drive for me and I don't have a full day to do any meet. Guess I'll be the alternative to the toys for tots drive.... call me the Beer for Burnouts event! :jester:



What day where you planning on Dylan?I turn 20 this monday (only 1 more year) :cry: .


Sunday if you're up for it. I'll buy you a birthday beer... or 2... maybe 3 :cheers:

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My fault... short notice and not alot of planning. :banghead:


I'd really like to get a good group of us together next weekend so help me out guys! Give me some suggestions:


:confused: Where do you want to go?


:confused: What do you want to do?


:confused: How far are you willing to drive?


I can make some suggestions in my area of places to go, things to do, etc.


LET ME KNOW GUYS! Do you want to meet up or am I just wasting my time trying to plan this stuff? :dunno:

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I would be down to meet up somewhere depending on where and what time it's at. Honestly, I think you would have a hard time trying to get many of us SS owners together anytime soon because most if not all people have alot going on right now with Christmas and the holiday season. Like I said though, I'm down for whatever, post it up and I'll let you know! :cheers:


Late- Alex

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