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Hard Decision, Selling my 2004 Silverado SS


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I am the original owner of this 2004 AWD SS.  I currently has a little over 141,000 miles on it and I only drive it about 10 miles a week.  I figured I would post it on this forum before listing it any where else.

I've always kept up with the maintenance and it runs great but there a few minor problems.  The radio only work occasionally - I think it is the separate power amp because when it does work it sounds fine.  The LED's that light up the odometer a pretty dim and difficult to read in the sun.  The hood needs to be painted - it had some hail damage about 5 years ago and I paid the body shop to paint it.  I discovered much later that it was just buffed to a shine and not painted.

Other than the hood, the body is in very good condition.  There is a fiberglass bed cover that was installed when new and it's showing it's age.  I had spray on bed liner done soon after I bought the truck and  it is still holding up very well.

I am located in Jacksonville, FL.  I purchase the truck in Jax but I moved to Texas in 2005, so the truck has spent most of it's life in Texas.

I am asking $10,000.  I think this is a very fair price so I'm firm on this price.

I have a few more pic's that I could email if you are interested.

Rt Side.jpg

Left Side.jpg

Rt Side.jpg


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I have decided to keep the truck.  Well, actually give it to my adult daughter and her family.  My oldest grandson turns 16 later this year so this might end up being his first vehicle (he'll probably care more about the radio then the awesome mechanics of the SS).

I went by a local custom paint shop that has done other work for me.  We're going to replace the hood - he said it would be cheaper than stripping existing hood.  I also noticed the paint on the roof of cab is looking bad, so I'm having that done also. 

I'm going to go look for a new radio this afternoon.

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