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Silverado SS replica bumper for 2014-2015 Silverado and NVG149 behind 8 speed


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I made a huge mistake and sold my 367K SSS and am attempting to build an SS replica out of a 6.2L 2015 LTZ 4x4 I am hoping someone may have been down this road. I have 3 questions I still have yet to fill in for this build 

1. has anyone seen in person or purchased the street scene SS style bumper cover for the 2014-2015 trucks? 

2. has anyone heard if it is possible to put the transfer case out of an SSS TBSS, Denali etc in the newer trucks (2015) That is the end game wondering if someone has blazed the trail ahead of me. 

3. has anyone ever put linear valved shocks in their street truck? (kings, fox 2.5, etc) 

and something that was to be expected.....I am also looking for a heavily built AWD SSS with less than 150K on it boosted or NA....... 


Thanks for the help guys! 

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