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Quarter Panel Window

Demond Bell

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From "Duke75140" on GM-trucks dot com forums:

"I used to fix a ton of these for the local Chevrolet and GMC dealers when I worked in a body shop. Start with the glass closed and latched. From the inside, door open or closed, lightly push out on the glass. If there is noticeable movement then the latch is not pulling the glass down tight enough to seal it. Now, continue at your own risk because you can break the window latch. Pull loose the upper part of the trim panel to gain access to the latch area. Disconnect the glass from the latch if you can but it is not absolutely necessary. Now, we used an extra large pair channel locks (or slip-joint pliers) heavily taped because it will scratch the paint and gall the plastic latch. The "lower" jaws of the pliers will go all the way to the metal "flange" where the window frame is glued. The "upper" jaws go over the latch but off to the side a little so you are not on the little bar where the window snaps in. Be careful to not be on the outer seal either. Now basically all you want to do is roll the latch toward the inside of the truck. It doesn't take much. Too much force will break the latch. When done properly there should be very little movement when you push on the glass from the inside. I would say this fixed 80% or more of these wind noise complaints."

There's also some latch fix-it kits for sale on ebay that you could try.  I wouldn't bother though unless there's movement in the window as described by Duke ^^^ if the window isn't moving then the noise is probably coming from elsewhere.  The latch fix is a slightly longer latch piece to pull the window in a bit tighter, vs. bending the latch inwards as Duke describes.  Two different methods to achieve the same result.


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