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PA Registration


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I just wanted to know if anyone here that lives in Pennsylvanian can tell me if they have a class 2 registraion on their SS or not. When I traded my 1500 Z71 in on my SS I just had a normal half ton registraion, but a week after I had my SS the dealer called me and said the plate was not correct and I had to send $25 dollars to the dealer and they in turn sent me a class 2 sticker.


Since the truck is a 1500 half ton, is this really needed? I just got the renewel the other day and its very expensive.

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In 1995 when i bought a 1500 ext cab silverado i had a #2 sticker in the windshield and the had it reduced from 83 to 56 dollars and still paying 56.

When i bought the SSS in dec of 2003 I wanted the dealer to reduce it from the start and they said they could not. I guess they changed numbers with the gvw that puts our trucks in the 83 dollar price range. I will check the gvw numbers on my 95 and see what the difference is.

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$500.....$330....That is just rediculous! It's a frickin piece of paper. Everybody has got their hand out somewhere! I live in Pa and in our area they just raised the occupational privledge tax from $10 to $120. I hear next year they are going to tax taxes! :wtf:

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I guess I'll have to pay the extra money I guess :puke: After reading

what some others pay in CA, I now feel better. Someone told me to go to

AAA to get the registration changed to a class 1 saying that I will never

use the truck to tow, not sure if this will really help or not. I've had

a couple people see the class 2 sticker and ask why I have to have it and

I just say its because the SS is a big bi**h :)


Hey quickmedic, I think the occupational privledge tax in pgh was raised

to 52/year, they passed on the $120. No instead of having $10 dollars

taken out of my paycheck I'll get $52 :puke: I wish I could make up a

tax to charge everyone, then I would be rich.

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