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new idea for running no cats (i think)


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i just thought of this kinda going off what somebody else did on here. i took my truck into the local weld/exhaust shop, and had my cats weld flanges on the removed cats, and the remaining 2 sides of the pipes in between the o2 sensors. the cats now bolt nicely, and easily in or out of the exhaust. i am having a piece of straight pipe with the same dimensions with the flanges welded on it, to go in the gaps, but if i ever need to put the cats back on, that will be no problem. this would work great for you CARB sniffer test guys. drive around without the cats untill testing is needed, and quickly and easily put your cats back on. in IL, nothing to the CATS can be done to your vehicle. but as long as i drive out of the shop with my original cats on my truck, it is fine to do, so this fabrication worked out just fine. while the truck is in the shop, the exhaust is being redone. taking my flowmaster 50 off, and having a x pipe type straight exhaust done. i think it will work out nicely, so did the shops dyno guy. two quick questions though, for anybody who knows. will my o2 sensors, without a pcm tune, 100% for sure go whacko, and turn on the engine light. also, running no new pcm tune and this setup, with the o2 sensors make my truck run too rich , or harm my truck at all? ive searched around for this, and couldnt find the answer. and lastly, if i were just to gut the cats and leave them there instead of the straight pipe, what would the sound difference be between gutted cats and the straight pipe in between. thanks for any help.

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