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LQ9 Eagle Crank No Thrust

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Going to be a longer post, but I want to give as much info as possible. I appreciate any knowledge or suggestions. 

I killed a piston and my LQ9 block came back from the machine shop after 6 months(!). I didn’t build the engine and the previous owner didn’t get a line hone after installing ARP mains and prettt much every bearing was trashed when I took it apart. 

The machine shop measured clearances at .026 with +.01 narrow bearings. The crank is straight when measured to the best of my ability with a dial indicator. With the thrust bearings out, and everything torqued, the crank is tight when trying to spin and no thrust. I threw an LSA crank in there and it had .010 thrust with the bearings in (not sure if they are the same dimensions though). I sanded them down when I thought they were the issue with my crank. This was the same crank that was in there previously. 

I have 2 thoughts, either the reluctor wheel is bent or the bearings aren’t narrow enough or the +1 are too tight and should be STD. I don’t hear any scraping near the wheel and it has the same thrust no matter the position of the crank. I have STD bearings coming today. I’m a VW guy and this is my first time building a Chevy motor. I am following a guide and know how to check thrust. I appreciate any help if you made it through all of this. Thanks!

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