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shorter antenna

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i need a shorter antenna. i hate driving into the garage and hitting the top of the door entry.. most that i have seen on ebay have been billet. i would like a black one. anyone out there know where to get one? i need something that still gets stations in so if i have to pay more its fine.. i just dont want some rubber piece.. i checked stylinconcepts but they are big on chrome and billet. thanks for your help guys!!

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get a billet and have it painted, powdercoated, or anodized. in my experience the billet antennas get better reception than stock.  :thumbs:


Really i had the exact opposite with my tahoe but i guess that is because i think i really messsed with the audio setup so much, besides it looks good and i hardly listen to the am/fm because Xm is the shiz-nit.

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