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aftermarket head unit


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I installed the pioneer dvh 5000mp in my SS about a month ago. The install kit has a pocket underneath the cd player and it looks almost stock. It was a pain finding the module to get the receiver to interface with the Bose stereo though. Once I found it (the GMOS-04 at crutchfield), it took a month to get it because they are always on backord and 100 dollars to buy it. The stereo is not as loud as before, but has better clarity in all frequencies. I'll try to get some pics to you soon.

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Whatcha got next to your air bag switch?

Passenger ejectors...........


ummm, no.


My '03 Z71 in that photo doesn't have the optional Driver Information Center. I installed it and had to mount the buttons somewhere since the steering wheel didn't have the access buttons.

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how did you install the DIC?  Is it just something you enable in the PCM?

That is one way, another way is to get a SS, Denali, or other cluster that has the feature already turned on. All that has to be done after that is to connect four momentary contact switches to four wires on the back of that particular cluster.


Not sure if y'all want that discussion here at this site, since most of the Silverado SSs have this feature already. At the http://www.gm-trucks.com website, we burned up about five pages' worth of discussion on the project and maybe over a hundred messages (just a guess), all done in about a 1 1/2 year exchange until we figured out what was needed. and then a bunch of us did it.


Several actually spent $$$$$ for a replacement steering wheel with the buttons, along with the wiring harness.


My take on all of this is to just purchase a vehicle with a step-up in the feature set, because in the long run, one will end up spending more $$$$ to get it to that level.

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