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Tonneau Covers

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:uhoh: No, I did lots of checking and no one will accomodate the tailgate cap. I took it off and purchased a new one and painted it. Then put an ARE conver one. It's nice. it locks with the remote SS locking system.
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I too would like a cover but I need one that is lockable, can withstand heavy snow and also be able to be partially opened in order to put a tall pet carrier in it.


I have been looking at the Pace Edwards retractable hard tonneau cover.

Pace Edwards



Their dealer quoted me a price $620.00 which includes shipping to the continental US only.


Has anyone seen one in person, or have any experience with one? :confused:

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Just picked up an Access Roll-up Cover this morning. Had an ARE hard lid on my '02 Z71 and really liked it. Was very happy with the ARE lid, the only downside is if you want to haul something home that is taller than your bed side.


Going to do the installation of the new roll-up cover on the SS in the next couple of days. I'll take some pictures and share my first impressions.

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I also have a Access Roll-up Cover on my truck and i am realy happy with it. before i had a rool-n-lock bed cover and it took up much needed bes space, takes up about a foot at the frount of the bed. but the access doesent take up any room at all very nice bed cover. one my next truck that i get that will be a ss for shure i will be putting on a new Access Roll-up Cover. :thumbs:

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Just completed the installation of the Access Roll-Up cover tonight. From cutting the box open to the final details took about 90 minutes. Instructions were good and the install was really easy. Only thing needed is a 9/16" wrench. Probably could do the next one in about half the time.


The latching system on the cover is slick. Now I need to get a tailgate lock to finish off this project. Any suggestions for a brand that ties into the multiplexed door-lock wiring on the 2003s?


Since my SS is only 3 days old (over 500 miles already :D ), got its first bath today and there's a chance of rain tomorrow, hopefully I can sneak in a few pictures showing the cover better in the daylight.


Here's the kit fresh out of the box...




Cover closed and latched...




Cover half way open (note the aluminum cross bars)...




Cover rolled-up and restrained at the front...



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No need to remove the tailgate cover. :cool:


Here's the condensed installation...


1. Clamp on the two side rails level with the truck bed (4 clamps per side).

2. Set the Access Cover on top of the rails.

3. Attach the tension adjusters (4 bolts).

4. Close the cover.

5. Adjust tension.


Super easy! :flag:

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Spoke to a after market buddy of mine...AeroSport is working on a fiberglass bed lid to work with the SS tailgate guard...the current AeroSport designs have a neat little spoiler lip...


He said to give them about anouther month.... :thumbs:

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