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Ran a lightning and a Hemi sport


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On my way to work today I was waiting at a light in the center lane of a 3 lane road. I see a black SVT lightning pull up in the next lane and just after was a hemi sport QC 4x4 with a nice sounding exhaust in the other lane. The guy in the lightning and hemi kept reving at me, so I decided I'd bite. When the light turned the svt squealed his tires quite a bit but had about a 1 truck lead off the bat, and eventually pulled to about 3 truck lenghts by 85 mph, where we decided to shut it down. The hemi was about 5-6 truck lenghts behind easily and did the fly by at both of us and goes into a gas station, I needed gas so I followed and so did the SVT. The lightning driver was a cool guy, he said his truck was a 99 and it is completely stock. The hemi owner was pretty pissed about being beaten so badly, he told us he had JBA headers and a magnaflow exhuast, a volant and a hypertech tune. He wanted to look under my hood, because he didn't beleive I was stock :crackup: . I feel it was a pretty good run, didn't loose to badly to a 99 lightning. Those Hemi sport QC 4x4 are much slower than the reg cab 4x2 hemi.

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you should've raced lightning boy at the meet on the 30th  :jester:


That could have been possible if there wasn't a cop at every light and a 180 degree turn every 300ft. :banghead:


Plus that guys would have ended up getting into in accident or something stupid. :banghead:

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Nice kill. :thumbs:


I wish I could get a lightning to race me. :banghead:  :banghead:



I know this thread is a lil old, but finally got to race a lightning in my R/T last night. Went from a 20 mph roll or so (Not the best way to race those trucks lol) and I was a little behind his ass at about 75. It was a 03 with an intake and a forged bottom end. Guess he use to run 12.0 with bolt ons, pulley and nitrous, but a bad tune blew it up so had to get a new motor. Just makes me excited to get my mods that are sitting here in my room installed hehe. I love those truck so damn much, Ford did well with those IMO and I would love to own one.



01 Dak R/T

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