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that is bumpin for a daily driver i thought my w7's were loud but this is sweet, i know you older guys would love this :devil:


to anyone that cares he has 4 re mt 18"s and they are each powered by 2 1500.1 rf amps, yeah thats 12000 watts




here some more info

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:banghead: He will be doing this in a couple of years when he can't hear anymore. :crackup:

I'll bet ya that the paint starts falling off of the exterior about the same time that his hearing fails.


That just BLLOOOWWWSS me away.





yup..not for us old farts :D someone will ask him something and all he`ll be able to

do is :dunno: what you say..ha..TALK LOUDER..i cant hear you :nonod::tear:

better save up some money and go to lip reading school now and avoid the rush


kids.. thay`ll never learn :D:D



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on my old truck i had 12 10inch hi-fonics speakers in a flat wall right behind the drivers/passengers seat and a 1200 watt hi-fonics amp. did 146.5 dbs on the metter. cracked my first camper shell and would cause a gap between the top of my doors and the cab.(i would have to kinda bend them in every week or so).


I tell my girl that is why i cant hear her when she talks to me. She says it is selective hearing. :P

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its cool but i am over it too, i get the same thing i ask them to speak louder but they say its selective hearing.


I had 3 w7 12's ported at the 32 hz, running a 2500 x 0.5 ohm matts amp . I was hitting around 150-155 on the old mic and i never measured it on the new one . but its cool for a while sometimes i wish i still had it because it was like being in a giant vibrator. but i need my hearing more.

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Technically, that is interesting, but yes, he is blowing his ears... I have Tinitus, a constant ringing in my ears from too much loud stuff over the years. Not a fun thing to look forward to.

I am also glad he does not live anywhere near me!!!

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