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VHO 1/4 mile times


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Installed pcmforless last week and made it out to Tulsa for the TNT this weekend. Got to run some nice rides: #1 '01 Camaro SS auto. #2 '00 Corvette auto. #3 '67 Mustang. Anyway here are my times, I'll try to figure out how to scan in these slips and get them posted to get added to the VHO & C3 fastest truck list. These runs were made full weight, about 1/4 tank of gas on factory 20's. I am pleased and have no doubt Bryan at pcmforless played a LARGE hand in these times! Does anybody here think 26" slicks would take .409 off my ET's?


Run #1: Performance mode ON. No brake stalling (off idle)

R/T .746

60' 2.197

330 6.075

1/8 9.302

MPH 76.57

1000 12.055

1/4 14.409

MPH 94.95


Run #2: Perfromance mode OFF. 1K brake stall

R/T .614

60' 2.231

330 6.144

1/8 9.398

MPH 76.12

1000 12.165

1/4 14.544

MPH 93.85


Run #3: Performance mode ON. 1.3K brake stall

R/T .152

60' 2.167

330 6.076

1/8 9.327

MPH 76.16

1000 12.094

1/4 14.464

MPH 94.18

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Question for all you experienced drag racers out there...run #3 had the best 60' time by .03 sec, but that time advantage was lost by the 330, any ideas what would cause this? If you notice both runs were made with perf. mode off which means there is no torque management to deal with. I love crunching numbers and just can't figure this one out. :banghead:

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I made several 13.9 passes this weekend. I was expecting a 13.7 or 13.8 but I just couldn't get it out of it. 


If you'll notice in my original post I asked if anyone thought 26" ET's would shave .409 off my times. This was kind of a shot at the folks here and on ls1tech.com that were throwing the :icon_bs: flag on your times. Between the tire difference and some free mods (weight reduction), 13's shouldn't be out of reach in my case :cool:

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