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hey all,


Just bought my 03 blue SS last night. I have been looking over this site for a while now trying to learn everything that could. Lots of good info here.


I come from dodgetalk.com as a former dakota ower. I had a 2000 dodge dakota 4x4 4.7l v8. I drag raced it all the time. After moding it i turned a best of 15.28.


I think(from what i have read here) the SS should run high 15's low 16's stock. My first goal is 14.99, the only goal i couldn't hit with my Dak. I have to save up more money before i can start with this truck though...


I also race a 76 nova that my dad and i built togther. My best with that is 11.40.


Hope to here from you guys and learn everything i can about this truck!!




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Thanks guys!!


Man if this truck runs low 15's that would be great. It took me about $2500 to make my dakota go 15.28.


you guys have some awsome looking trucks, and back it up with power to. I'm going to enjoy this forum!!


It took me a while to find this color. I could only find 2 in my area. This one and one in lake park IL. I test drove 2 black ones, but my dodge was blue and my s-10 before that was blue so no need to break the streak.


I'm starting to get a mod list together...but am checking old posts so i don't ask to same questions again.


Thanks again for the welcome!



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Welcome aboard !! I am a past Dodge owner also. I will NEVER go back. Had two and they were nothing but problems. Tranny fluid in the driveway the day I brought her home with 51 miles


I just recieved my PCM tune from Bryan today.


Got in on that 50.00 savings.


Need to wait for the weather to clear up here in CT. Truck is garaged .


Its been about 14 weeks now....I'm itchen real bad !! :driving:

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