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'91 Camaro + '02 5.3L + 5 or 6 speed???


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:dunno: OK, when it comes to these newer gen. engines I am kinda lost, so here is the deal....


I have this '91 RS camaro 305 TBI w/ 5spd car layin around... and I also have the 5.3L engine from the '02 2wd escalade that I parted... so here is what I was wanting to do:


How differant is the mounts setup on the 5.3L compared to the 5.0L in the camaro presently...?


will the current 5spd mount up? or will a T56 6spd mount up?


those are the 2 major worries I have before I rip the camaro apart, not too worried about the driveshaft or wiring...I can figure that sh*t out myself... :banghead:


SOOOO... any input would be appreciated, just lookin to take this turd of a car and the engine I have layin around and make a cool runner... :pop:


or am I daydreaming and is this a total waste of energy...? :sigh:


any other major problems I may run into??






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wow...LS1tech has alot of info :crazy:


so from what i gathered... the 5.3 is compatible just as a LS1 would be and I know those have been swapped into them before...


use a 98+ t56 tranny... and I'm in the game....




thats quite a jump from the TBI 305 that has 244k miles on it...hehe


so some 4:10 gears, 6-spd, and 285hp...should be fun...


gonna start on it next weekend... :cheers:


a cherry picker, beer and some friends.... woohoo

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i would look into thirdgen.org. there are a few guys over there that have put a gen III small block into a third gen. i believe the only big deal is the oil pan and air conditioning. one of the magazine's recently did this install step by step, but i can't remember which one. i'd recomend using a 6 speed from an f-body as it should be a bolt in. the 5.3 will be in a great home in that car. with minimal mods it'll run 13's and be one hell of a street toy. keep us updated on that.

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