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Nice Weather


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My  SS has been put away "ALL" winter too and still hasn't come out yet.  Now that I have the CTS-V  I don't know what to drive--Such PROBLEMS :D


...Oh just rub it in why don't you :jester:


Mr. P. :)

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Mine has been tucked away in the garage for almost 4 months also. I have a few mods waiting to go on. A PCM tune from Bryan and a bunch of cosmetic stuff. Probably will take her out Good Friday. (next week)


This is just like I used to itch to get the Bike out after winter.


But this morning I listened to the weather for Sun/Mon up here in Connecticut....WTF....more SNOW ? :banghead:

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I drove mine this last Monday. First time out of the garage since January. The snow doesn't bother me so much. It's all the salt they use around here! Someday, I'm going to live where the only salt you see is in a shaker!


T :chevy:

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Oh man... that'll be the day I can put away a truck for the winter! I'm sure some of you would be sick if I showed you a picture of what my truck looks like right now. I don't put it away for the winter -- I stop washing it for the winter.


I drive mine all year round. I have no choice. I should only own one car or truck right now, so this is my "all in one" vehicle. Commuter, tower, hauler... and something to keep my hot-rodding bug at bay.

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