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This is the other baby, a Factory Five Racing Cobra Replica....one of the best kit cars on the market. It is powered by a small block 427 w/ a Tremec 3550 5 speed goin to a Mark VIII center section in the independant rear, 3.07 gears w/ an Auburn Posi....17x8 and 17x9 Halibrand replicas wrapped in GoodYear Eagle F1 GS-D3's..the color is 2000 Dodge Prowler Orange w/ gold pearl striped "ghosted in"....500 RWHP on 2000lbs of car.....w/ the driver.....you do the math.......















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If you are at all interested in a kit car like that one...and you want to build it yourself and not a turn-key.....do not look anywhere but Factory Five Racing....best kit on the market as far as quality and ease of build....as far as maybe roadtsers or others....jus do a search for kit cars and it'll bring many many companies.....they're alot of fun and worth every penny

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It took about 1 year to build....doing it slow and right.....roughly 40K in it....including the kit......Backdraft is nice....Superformance is very nice.....but 1...you dont build it...and 2...its pretty expensive considering you dont get a motor with it....and if you compare a Factory Five with a Superformance right next to each other....almost identical in setups....almost...btw..thanx for all the comments

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One of my friends has a factory five cobra, blue with white stripes and black int. He built it himself in 5 months working on it a little every day. It has a 5.0 with a 150 shot of gas and weights 2300 with him in it. Its runs 6.90s on the gas with slicks in the 1/8. It has been built for 3 yrs and has 10k miles on it now and still looks great.

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