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GM better catch up


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Don't know if anyone has heard about this, but I think GM is losing some of it's touch. I heard in 2007 they are "supposed" to release a v-10 :devil: , but they need to do something NOW!!

check this out

LOGIN name and PASSWORD???





:withstupid: Ahh. Can't read!

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displacement on demand genral motors V-10 motor will make its PERFORMANCE debut in the XLR......shhhhh!!!!! look out for the equinox SS aswell.... or should i say chevy saturn redline vue??? And if anyone is in the slightest bit of interrest toward the hybrid trucks... get ready for the mother of all combinations... Hybrid + displacement on demand... :thumbs: .... you didnt hear it from me.. and dont come cryin to me when it dosnt happen... but "i've been told" ;)

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