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another interview question


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i have to fill out this internet compensation desires ASAP that i was just emailed. its for that same company that i posted about in regards to interview tips. the question is as follows


desired compensation


$______ then is lets you choose hourly or annually


iam kind of timid about awnsering this question. this tuesday i have a 5 hour long interview and breakfast with the main man for hiring at the company, and i dont want to screw it all up by this one stupid question.


the job is an operations manager for Archer Daniels and Midland (ADM). i have little experience in what normal compensations for a said job should be.


the description of the job is as follows


• Sampling and grading grain

• Overseeing hourly employees and assigning work

• Transferring, drying, storage, aeration, and blending of grain

• Repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance

• Preventative maintenance

• Implementation of safety programs and procedures

• Regulatory issues (OSHA, EPA, DNR, etc)

• DOT policies and procedures

• Basic accounting exposure—(understanding a balance sheet)

• Electrical conservation and management

• This position is not involved in merchandising



ok, so how much should i put? it wont let me enter in negotiable , so iam SOL on that one. :dunno:


thanks once again guys. you have helped me alot so far on this.

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Money is always a tough sell in any job market, and in todays tight market it is not any better than years back.. Most companies know that, they can hire someone for less money and compromise in the experience department, as you have stated this is a hard question that is why employers ask, this is also sometimes what makes or breaks the deal. General rule of thumb use to be about 5% more than your current salary, that way when you met at a dollar amount you didnt have to suffer, with not enough money to get by. When I was in a hard pressed position as yourself and wanted the job I did a confidence move, this is where you put down the amount you would like to make, and when you meet if this amount is to high you simply say that, I am so confident that I am worth this amount of money, I will work for you for a week. At the end of the week if you feel I am worthy of this amount you pay me, if you dont feel I am worth this amout we can reach a happy medium. Mind you this does not always work but, I have used this a couple of times and it has worked for me. I worked for the STP company for 7 years till they relocated, with this more.


Sorry about the length, might not help but it worked for me.

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your damn straight that helped me. :) thanks alot.


ive decided iam just gonna put what i would like to make. when compensation comes up to discussion, i will simply say that i am so confident that i am worth this amount of money.......


very good idea. thank you

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I totally agree. I went to a private business school and I was required to take an entire semester about job interviews. I was told over and over to just say what you want to make as long as it is a fair amount. You don't want to say a high number, just what you think is fair. Be confident, but not cocky and you'll be fine.

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