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Pitted shopman bowtie

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I use Mother's Billet Polish on both the Shopman bowtie and the exhaust. It cleans up the salt damage really good. With a little work, I can get the exhaust pipe looking like chrome.

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:chevy: Guys, If you need to have a bowtie re-conditioned I will take care of you.

I can usually take scratches and pits out and make them look like new.


I was thinking that if you put 3M clear auto plastic on the bowtie, that may protect it. Just a thought. I am working with a chroming place to see what if would cost for that. Any of you guys could send it out as well, I did the one thats on my truck and it was $50., check in your area, it may be less, you never no!


Anyway, keep mothers polish handy. On last thing to consider, if all else fails you can turn a polished one into a brushed one by using a star bright pad, take it off and scrub horizontally.


Worst case, buy a new one from me!


I have reduced the price as well.


Any questions contact me at: [email protected]

Cool Products for Cool People.


Later - shopman1 (Brad)

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