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just bought a new car today


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just today i signed onto a brand new~ 1967 plymouth valiant 100. i need some info on it, all i know about it is its 4 doors, it has an inline 6 and 3 on the tree. i was the only one that drove it and i wanty to mod it very badly! so my dad sold it to me for 3K not bad considering it is restored! if any of you can point me in the right direction to some info about the car itself or what some good mods are please chime in!


for now all i know is i want a 4 or 5 speed on the floor, 383 and a new rear end, and paint! (must be black!) i also want to do a system in the car with an updated interior.


any more suggestion/comments could be useful and greatly i love feed back (the good kind at least)


thanks again,


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get some nicer/bigger wheels on that baby, and for sure paint it black(you have got good taste :cheers: ) it will look like a night and day difference. i would imagine that would be one hot ride after that. then throw that 383 in there. or you could always just get a cheap 350/302 crate engine and throw that in there. those 2 motors supposedly have the most available and vast aftermarket. whenever my and my brother get around to getting a project car, we will for sure go with a 350 crate engine. there is so much available out there for a decent $ and which will net great performance results. good luck in whatever you do though. :thumbs:

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Congrats on the new ride. I would spend money on a good paint job, make sure all the chrome is good, but some rims on that ride, I'd chose mag wheels. As for the motor options 383 is quite large, a 360 or 340 small block is quite nice already, especially in a valiant. I'd upgrade the rear end for sure if your looking to do a 360-383 swap, but the gears are up to you, depends how your going to use the car. A good old pistol grip 4 speed on the floor would be what I'd choose, pure nostalgia mopar.

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I think you should hot rod that slant 6---you can get a 4 barrel intake for it, and if you really want to go crazy pm me and I'll see if I can find you a Hemi-6 head while Im in Australia :)


Theres so many custom MoPars on the road---it would be nice to have a mild custom near stock one. And those sixes haul @$$ if they are built right---Ive seen em into the 13s back in the south.


Just MHO though---its yours, and you have to drive it, sooooo


Good luck---sweet lookin ride.

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If it's a restored car... leave it alone. It's worth more stock than hacked. Besides... it's a 4 door... not conducive to 'rodding. You're not gonna get much outta the slant 6 no matter what you do to it. There were 3 deuce set-ups 'n headers for it... but they'd be rare now. Take it to a local car show as is 'n see what happens.

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