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Well a few of you know i have a project i am trying to get done. well i came home to my parents house last nite because i was going to pull the engine and tranny today. well i got here around 9pm last nite and this morning i was watching tv on the couch and my dad went out to get the paper and he asked me if i had anything left in the truck other than my empty duffel bag and i told him my tools and he asked what tools. i was like every mechanical tool i have. he was like well they aren't any out there. i ran out side and sure enough all three toolboxes were gone. tailgate was left down. hopefully home owners will cover part of it. tools were worth around $2200 and that was just off the top of my head. :banghead:

i live in a very small country town and it used to be a place where you could leave your cars and trucks unlocked and windows down and even leave the house unlocked at nite. well not any more sherriff told me they seemed to think that 50% of the county was either users or sellers of drugs. whats this country coming to. :dunno:

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