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its in st. marys pa out in BFE. im thinking about making another truck purchase so i dont rack up' so many miles on the 04SS 04ss already has 18,000 some miles


Enjoy the gas mileage on the 454 SS, its a lot worse that our SSS. They are fun to drive tho. Good Luck with everything

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I got one of the first ones around Montgomery AL back in early 90---it was soooo awesome. I used to pass 10 cars @ a time on a 2-lane road to Lake Martin---those were the days :) It hooked me on Chevy for life.

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I sold my 1990 454SS just after I bought my first 2003 SS. I sold it will all kinds of go fast goodies. It did have 100k on it but was one of the slickest I had ever seen.


I sold it for 6k...


Your correct Zippy, those trucks stock are not fast at all. But WAAAAAY high on the cool meter.


And a blst to drive, the on tap torque is kick aSSS.


I really loved that truck..JOSH

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