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Took the jet ski out today


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Finally took out my ski, now that the weather is warming up :cool: .Went to Daytona Beach with my girl and got to play in the water :D


If anyone is looking to buy a wave runner I suggest Yamaha, mine sat for 6 months and fired right up and ran flawless, my friends Polaris sits for a month and needs work. Mine is 9yrs old and runs like new.

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Lucky you!  I can't wait to fire up the jet skis.  That is if they will run.  It is always a problem starting them the first time of the season!

When i store mine i i add fuel stabilizer, shut off the fuel let it run till it dies, and remove the battery. I did put new plugs in it before i took it out (cheap insurance).

Never had any major problems yet.

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