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Track day with Zippy and TJ


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Went to Stanton to see how the truck was running with Zippy and TJ. Mods are:


Radix w/3.3 inch pulley

160 tstat

TR6 plugs

TB Torque convertor

Zippy Shift Kit

Zippy computer tune


I have stock exhaust, stock clutch fans, a heavy tonneu cover on and my JL sub box in the cab.


I ran a 13.64 @ 98 mph. It was 75 degrees out and sunny. I got a 1.92 on my 60 foot. I'll have my slip posted up here soon.


I was fairly pleased with this number considering its only a 3.3 inch pulley with very few additional mods. We were getting pretty good timing and fueling throughout the run (running pump gas). The night before Zippy put a wideband on the truck and found that with a smaller pulley the truck was running out of fuel if we were running any decent amount of timing.


Thanks for all the hard work TJ and Zippy!

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the best 60' it pulled i belive was the last with a 1.906. i have the timing at low rpm not at it's highest available point since he's not going to be able to drive it around with a scanning system on the truck and watch for KR* when it's 95-100º. had the temperatures been around 50-60º as expected the tune would have added another 1-2º of timing by itself compensating for the colder air and lower underhood temperatures. we've driven the truck around in the 50-60º air and at them temperatures it spins the tires.


hopefully next time out we'll work more time out of it in testing other things. :thumbs:



side note: it'll certainly be interesting to see what the 03' truck runs with the corsa and vigilante since it's actually a bit quicker through the 1/4. possibly a 13.4 on the 3.3 pulley?

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