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A cool RAM guy....


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So yesterday I was just driving around, Enjoying my new intake and tune. A 2004 blue RCSB Hemi blows by me out of no where :wtf: . So its on, I stomp it and I am off after him. I catch up and we start playing in traffic. NOTE: The roads were very empty, and we where not near any residential areas. He was lightly modded, intake, and gibson sport exhaust.We go at it for a while and I give him the wanna go look, He bit. So we drove around for a while till we could get a red light. He was ready to go, we were both reving, so I stall it out to around 1400-1500 RPMS. Well the light turns green I am off like a bullet :driving: , He got a good reaction but he couldnt hook up he laid down a bit of rubber. My rear bumper cleared his front bumper b4 we crossed the intersection, Before I knew it I had 2 trucks on him. I shut it down around 85. I crushed him bad and he knew it. Instead of flipping me the bird, he smiled waved and drove off. :thumbs: Not to mention the whole time we were looking for a light he was smiling and goofing off, seemed like he was out doing the same thing I was, Just enjoying his truck. I just thaught I would post this, To maybe ease some of the tension. :driving::flag:

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That's cool, that is what it is all about. Everyone has there own tastes and every car or truck has it's own potential. Its fun to get out there and see what others have done to make their rides their own.


:driving: Keep it real gentleman and ladies

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