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If anyone out there is interested in a red brindle Bullmastiff, please let me know. He is registered with the AKC and is not quite 10 months old. Right now he is around 120# and will easily be a 140-150# dog. He's a good dog other than the fact that he won't get along with my Boxer. They were fighting a couple of weeks ago and I screwed something up in my shoulder trying to hold them apart. I'm not a little guy by any means and I'm pretty strong and it's handful for me. Monday night there was another fight over NOTHING and my boxer got beat up pretty bad. 4 or 5 puncture wounds all over. I've had enough. My boxer is 3 and he is my best bud. I paid 1200$ for my Bullmastiff and will sell him for 500$. He loves people and is not mean towards kids or adults. It's not a good idea to try to pair him with another male dog though. Disaster waiting to happen. I live in KS




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