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PCM Tuning for Supercharged 04


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'03's seem to be mechanical driven as far as boosting the fuel to drive the 42LB Injectors that come standard with the Radix Systems and what we procharger guys end up installing after the fact. The '03's need to have some form of fuel pump assister (In essence, a 2nd fuel pump) either in line or in tank.


The '04's seem to be more about the Manifold Pressure being sensed by the PCM and adjusting the system to compinsate to maintain the constant pressure needed.


Has anyone had any experience in this, or am I going to Guinea Pig This? :dupe:

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i have talked with a couple of guys over the phone that procharged their 04' SS. i never did hear back from them on the lean issue. of course it never clicked to me that they even had a problem. i just thought, damn they must be fueling it pretty heavy. i would certainly recomend buying a product such as hptuners for yourself even if you plan to buy a custom tune. you will want to monitor the truck on a regular basis for the first few thousand miles and this will allow you to just have your tuner e-mail you another tune if you'd like until you are familier with it enough to make some changes. this will also keep you from having to swap pcm's and deal with the dreaded crankshaft variation learn issue. this will also allow you to monitor for KR*, iat's, maxing the maf, etc. i haven't got to use the new programming from the efi live people, but i believe hptuners is about the easiest user face for newbies.

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