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Got A Free Sunroof....


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As some know I bought a Scion xB to play with. :uhoh:

Last week I took it to Texas Auto Trim to have a ASC sunroof installed.

Friday they call saying the car is ready, that they made a 'mistake' and installed a 'Webasto Grandveiw'(double-pane) sunroof in the car and I was going to be so happy as they would only charge the price of the ASC single... LOL

Long story short, after discussing whether they wanted to repair the car/replace the car. If they were doing out of pocket or through their insurance, etc.

My opinion was to replace verse repair with all the supports cut and trying to reskin a roof.

It came down to "if we gave you the roof, would you accept that?", full warranty etc.

It's not the roof I wanted, but for free I can learn to live with it, I'll keep it a couple years and sell it to some kid.

I got $2000 sunroof for free! :D

I talked to the Scion dealer/salesman and he said people would kill for that roof.

It's the most popular roof they put in them.

I'm sure a head or two rolled at Texas Auto Trim.






WW :cool:

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How about some better shots of it open so we can see just how big it is?


Looks pretty good and for free, can't bitch about that!


Late-  Alex

No complaints on price!

Hadn't had much free time, got a renthouse project going.

The SS is having to do some work for a change... :nonod:

I'll get some better pics soon.


WW :cool:

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