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update on the hemi


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Some of you may know I had a 2003 reg. cab. hemi ram. it ran a best of [email protected]

not bad for just intake exhaust and programmer. That truck was totaled back in january.


truck number 2


after 4 months I put on headers and the intake from the 03. i stripped the o2 sensor bung putting the front o2 sensor in. so its running very rich due to the fresh air its reading dangling under the truck.


but it still managed to pull of a [email protected] mph




it gets up and goes for what it is



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of the mopar guys he's one of he coolest that stops in here.  :thumbs:


it probably has something to do with the name. :jester:


yeah.. i really need to get my name changed. :lol:


but yeah. i'm still alive and kickin' i try to swing in whenever i have an update. i try not to troll too much ;) :cheers:

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WELL weight does make adifferance but i raced my wifes dads rummblebee when i had my ss silverado and i beet him pretty good . then we went to see whos truck was heavier and ss 5200 and rummblebee 4600. so i think the hemis horsepower is over rated. more like 310 in my opinion. :thumbs:

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My opinions on the subject -


The late-model hemi's have two basic 'design challenges' - one they flat-out just don't have the cubic inches, 6.0L is barely enough to get a truck really under-way in my opinion; second, hemi head designs tend to have peakier torque curves; they may breathe exceptionally well but only in a narrow upper-rpm range, hemi and multi-valve heads are notorious for having this behavior and that may be great in a lighter car but a real hinderance in a heavy truck. I am sure that CrazyMoparGuy will agree there are/were many capable 440s that will put down a 426 hemi, especially when vehicle weight becomes a factor.


Another little hemi secret - the reason that there is a hemi in everything Chrysler sells is that THEY ARE A CHEAP POWERPLANT, costing almost $500 less than the LA motor they replaced; that's why all of a sudden there was a huge switch from the LA motor to the hemi as the base model engine. Introducing the hemi had nothing to do with building dodge's image, it was all about cutting costs and making a cheaper drivetrain; just examine the castings, etc and well - you get what you pay for.


All that said, Dodge could completely turn the tide in their favor if they would share their PCM knowledge with outside tuners, or reinvent MoPar factory performance. Strap a blower on it, run steeper gears, make that thing rev 7K and I am sure it would be a lot more competitive. But the costs to do so would be really out of range for the budget of the average dodge owner, if they could afford that they might well have bought the SRT-10 in the first place.


Again just my opinions on the Dodge product.


Mr. P.

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Chevyfan, nice times, I am still waiting for an invite to Gainesville to line them up, you probably have me beat considering my mods usually only get the SS into the 14.6-14.8 range and I havent ran it in its current form. Shoot me a email next time your heading to the track and maybe we can catch up there or follow each other out. :thumbs:

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hey bro. long time no talk. i'm in orlando now. going to school here.


and i just pulled the codes on my truck tonight. pulled 3 for the 3 missing o2 sensors and one for random/multiple cylinder misfire. ooops. uhh so i ran a 14.5 on a non fully functioning engine.. damn i can't wait to see what it does now that i took care of one of the o2 sensors.

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