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What causes "smoke" to come out of the tail pipe? I'm not talking black smoke, I mean like when it's winter and you can see the exhaust coming out. My truck has been doing that and it's not cold here. I'm still wondering if it's running "rich." Being a girl, I tend to worry about stuff like that as I am not familiar with mechanical/engine stuff.

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Hard to say...


If it is oil you'd be able to smell and it and have a consumption issue.


If it is running rich the smoke would likely be black.


It may just be condensation...I live in San Antonio and even during spring and early summer I sometimes get condensation out the tail pipe for a while until it fully warms up.


Your truck is so new you may want to take it in to the dealer and have them put it on a computer to see if there is even a problem.


Good Luck...Z

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A lot depends on how cold the air temp is, Ever notice when you start it in the winter and it looks like it is kinda smoking?? It will do that untill it get warmed up, eng up to temp. That is a good way to tell when some one has just started driving. In a way it is running a little rich untill it gets warmed up, but not a prob. Now if it is in the middle of summer ( warmer weather ) and it is still doing it well then maybe a problem. :driving:

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