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Ok I raced this thing it looked kind of like one of those MG???( those small matchbox cars) It was a convertable...It said on the back in plastic letters SUNBEAM didn't the make coffee makers???any way my girlfriend said she saw something on the side of it that said TIGER???I have no idea do you guys???by the way I beat it.....

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The poor man's Cobra, also designed by Carroll Shelby. British 4-banger sports coupe stuffed with a 260 or 289 Ford V-8. I've heard of a few modded to 351's and what not. Don't think a 429 could fit. Those would be quick with traction. Not much tire will fit under stock fenders.


Gotta luv that Mr. Shelby, though - even if he was a blue oval guy. Then again us bowtie boys had Smokey Yunick and Don Yenko... :chevy:

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old and slow. they were killer in their time though. small car with a v8.


slow? I don't think I would say that. A lightweight car even with a weak V8 can be fast.


from the net... this was in 1965 with a 260 and a few mods...think if they had the 289:


In 1965 Gordon Chittenden set the A.H.R.A. national record with an ET of 12.95 and a top speed of 108 mph in his Larry Reed Sportscars Tiger. So good were the numbers (for that period), Chittenden retained the record through 1967. In 1965 Stan Peterson won the N.H.R.A. Class C World Championship with a time of 12.9 and a trap speed of 110 mph in his Tiger. Though very successful drag racers, Rootes emphasized the road racing and rallying of competition Tigers.

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