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I just found out today that I am going to be flying out for power tour next week I will be driving one of the 5 Banks vehicles not sure which one as of right now. Hell I don't even know where exactly i'm flying into but i'm sure I will find out more tomarrow. So lets get a list of whos going to be going on power tour and or what stops you will be at! :thumbs:



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They originally did run coast to coast but it

was 10-14 days long instead of 7 days.


Now they do 7 days, this year ends in Florida.

Next year the starting point will be in Florida.

They could go north or go west from there.

Since it was in Texas last year I expect they'll go north


Then again if they go west next year, the following year go west again

you Cali guys will be hosting some stops :thumbs:


If it comes close to your area...GO!


You won't be disappointed :cheers:

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How about something down south?



Hot Rod Power Tour 2005 - Schedule



Dates and Cities:


June 4 Miller Park - Milwaukee, WI

June 5 Illinois State Fairgrounds - Springfield, IL

June 6 Indianapolis Raceway Park - Indianapolis, IN

June 7 Gaylord Opryland Resort - Nashville, TN

June 8 Birmingham Race Course - Birmingham, AL

June 9 North Florida Fair - Tallahassee, FL

June 10 Osceola Heritage Park - Kissimmee, FL

June 11 return to Osceola Heritage Park for Long Hauler Award and Photo


You can still sign up at a venue close to you on the dates listed :cheers:

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Ok I found out today I will be flying into Nashville on Tuesday I will probably be driving our 97 dodge dakota "sidewinder" aka worlds fastest sport truck but could endup being one of the other 4 trucks I won't find out for sure till I get there.

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I went on both East Coast Power Tours in '98 and '99. They were great, but us New Englanders have been getting the shaft ever since, nothing even close. If they do it next year Florida north, I'll be there, with plenty of backup. :thumbs::ughdance:

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