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Pulled 472HP to wheels


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I had Bryan do a dyno tune on the truck last night. We had to make some changes to the fuel curve here and there and some shift point changes, but I was really happy with 472.32HP and 464.86TQ 88.71F withg 20%Humidity. I would like to post the print out but I hvae no idea how, maybe take a pic of it and then post that??? Now I need a torque converter and some track time!

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Man, sorry that I missed out! I was away with the family Monday and Tuesday. I tried to tell the wife that I had to be in Reading yesterday but sh didn't buy it! :lol: Anyway, NICE #'s!!!! I don't think I will be able to hit those...we'll find out in a few weeks. How much PSI is your Vortec pumping? I see 12's in your future with those #'s no problem. :thumbs:

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Im trying to get the scanner to work but I have to load some drivers first. I should have it up by the end of the day. I will have to put in the converter and the cam real soon, and I will take it to the track, but I will be sure to take a couple pounds of dry ice and some nos to cool that head unit down. Let me know Kevin when your going to head up and I will help you out.


Im getting 10 out of the Vortech, stock pulley

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