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Overhead storage


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Well, I am going to "formally" install my gauges in the overhead storage (map light compartment). I gave it a look this weekend so before I rip the thing down, is there a "correct" way to remove it without damage? Seems like I can pop the black part out with a little prying however I want to do it the right way. :sigh:


Any info would be appreciated :cheers:

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If it is the small one (with just the pocket and 2 lights), I just had mine out this weekend....



On the front (toward the windshield), there is phillips head screw. Take it out, and then pry on the back side. There are just 2 metal clips (one on each side) that hold it on. There is a small quick connect for the lights that will just unplug.


I had mine off while I was installing my new sub this weekend. That is where I put the controll knob for the sub!

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P.S. - the black compartment in the consule is NOT REMOVABLE. It is fastened from the backside (it is actually melted to the tan part - if you pry it out, you will need to go down to the auto parts store and buy some plastic epoxy to glue it back to gether!

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